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Beatrix Bohony- illustrator, photographer, graphic designer

There's something magical about having an image in your mind, and then using your hands and a couple of tools to make it real, especially if you can share the final piece with others. 

Being an only child I had plenty of time to entertain myself by creating toys, games and illustrating my favourite books. I always wanted to be an illustrator, although life took me down other paths for a while. Graduating from the MOME in Budapest, I began my career as a freelance graphic designer and fashion photographer. When I became a mum, my attention turned back to illustration and the world of games captured me for the upcoming ten years. I have been working at Marbushka Toy Manufactory since 2011.

Besides illustrating the games and creating the rules, I am the author of all the visual and written content of the company’s blog, web, and social media sites. My training and experience enable me to work as an illustrator, graphic designer, photographer and self-taught animator. The idea of my own website cropped up when I felt like creating some personal space for myself and opening up to book illustrations too.

Welcome to my world, I hope you enjoy visiting my site! Thank you for your attention!

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